You can't buy time, but 

you can capture it!

Give me your old videos,

I 'll give you a highlight reel!

How does it work?


  • Recruiting Videos:  $75 - $200
  • See "Pricing" tab for more cost details


My wife and I started by videoing our kids in various sports, then creating a "season ending highlight video" as a gift to commemorate a great season.  Now, it's turned into a passion.  I enjoy creating a lifetime of memories captured in highlight videos.  

The final highlight video is created on DVD's and can easily be copied to give as gifts to Grandma and Grandpa!


Sample:Full season Highlight video


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Do you have stacks of old videos from your kids soccer, football, basketball games?  Let me turn them into one hot highlight video!

Here is a full season of highlights, over 12 games.  I use player isolation techniques and can easily choreograph to jammin' tunes!

My Sports Highlights Video Services

Create memorable, custom sports highlight videos from your kid's games!



There are several ways to get your personal sports highlight video.  

But the first step is... I need your videos! You can send them via email, USB drives, DVD's, 8mm, or even VHS videos can be mailed to me...I can download from there. 


Give me one week, and you'll get two burned DVD's with the final highlight video and the master file!